Survive KC is the ultimate entertainment indoor combat experience.


Laser Tag

Tactical Equipment

Our realistic laser tag equipment gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the combat zone. Survive KC uses the iCombat brand, which is authentic with every detail designed and created to bring the ultimate in laser tag. iCombat weapons systems are used by multiple federal agencies and local law enforcement agencies for training. This is as real as it gets. All weapons are made in America.

Advance Technology

Real as it gets

SurviveKC Tactical Laser Tag is the ultimate entertainment experience. We feature an ultra-realistic first-person shooter experience using the same equipment and software deployed by SWAT teams and Special Operations teams around the world.

Live Action

In The Know


Your score is recorded after each play. Track to see if you are in the leaderboard and have bragging rights among your friends.


Every Survive KC player will be issued an iCombat ID card. Build your rating by showing your skills during gaming sessions and get invited to attend Special Ops Events for elite players only.


During Solo Combat and Team Play you and your friends enter Survive KC on a mission selected by your Ops Commander.

Subject to Change

Session Schedule

*Public sessions are 90 minutes with 15 minutes of gear up/down