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Gather your people and pick a time and day to visit.

Select your session online and reserve your timeslot.

Check-in on the main floor inside Union Station.

How To


We are located on the top floor of the historic Union Station Kansas City.

Check-in Counter

Our check-in counter is located next to the Jarvis Hunt Room and main level restrooms.

Our Floor

We are located on the top level of Union Station. We’ll load you in the elevators once you check-in at the counter.

Be Ready

Please have your proof of purchase and entire group ready once you arrive at the check-in counter. 

KC Streetcar

Ride the Kansas City Streetcar free of charge! The Union Station exit point is your stop. Head inside to our check-in counter. 

LASER TAG Equipment

Our customers demand the best. From the equipment they choose to the experience we deliver. iCombat brand is authentic with every detail designed and created to bring the ultimate in laser tag. iCombat weapons systems are used by multiple federal agencies and local law enforcement agencies for training. 

laser tag equipment


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How do you play?

You are loaded up with realistic weaponry and sent in to shoot in a rustic floor plan. 

Is this for kids?

Our attraction may not be suitable for younger children. Children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Anyone under 18 requires a parent or guardian present to sign a waiver.

How big can my group be?

To make sure everyone gets the best experience, we generally send people out in groups based on the game play. Because of the scoring nature of the game your group can be much larger and still enjoy the experience together.

Where are you located in Union Station?

Survive KC is on the 6th & 7th floor of Union Station, this is an area that’s never before been open to the general public. When you arrive, enter the Grand Hall on the main level and go to the Survive KC kiosk which is located between the main information booth and the escalators that go downstairs.

How early should I arrive?

Everyone in your party should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. This allows for time to check in at the Survive KC kiosk in the Grand Hall before taking the elevator up to the 6th floor to outfit you with your gaming weapons.

Do you do private groups or parties?

Yes, Survive KC is a great format for corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more.  Please contact us by email to discuss your event and available times.